What courses most developed your passion for public service?

SOC 253 - Demographic Change in Canada; SOC 224R - Poverty in Canada and its Social Consequences; and SOC 420 - Seminar in Social Inequality. These courses opened my eyes to the makeup of the Canadian population and how government policy helps or hinders the success of Canada's citizens.

How do you apply what you learned at UWaterloo?

One role that I have in my position is to provide recommendations to federal public sector institutions on their collection and use of personal information. To do this effectively, I apply the writing, researching, and critical thinking skills that I gained at UWaterloo to ensure that those recommendations clearly and succinctly convey all necessary privacy considerations.

What advice would you give to current students?

One, embrace your Statistics and Research Methods courses - they provide you with real world, hands-on skills that could help you land a meaningful job in your field.

Two, your assignments will make up a body of work that you will be asked to speak to in job interviews, so put your best effort into every assignment regardless of how big or small, and revisit your past work now and then so that you remember what it was that you wrote about.