What do you love about your current career?

Currently working as a lawyer and consultant, I love being able to help clients by developing innovative solutions to a wide variety of problems - everything from narrow legal issues to larger policy questions.

Do you have any memorable teaching moments or courses?

I took a course on Demographic Change in Canada. It was one of the first classes I took that truly excited me about the power of data in understanding our past and our future. Another course on Technology and Social Change gave me a great theoretical foundation that continues to be relevant today. Understanding when disruption is not neutral is central to identifying the roles that societal values and the law play in our decisions around new technology.

What advice would you give to current students?

Get your hands dirty - don't be afraid to try something new and discover if it's a fit for you. Co-ops, internships, research, and volunteering, were all part of my UWaterloo education, with each new experience slightly changing the direction I ultimately took.