What do you love about your current program?

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Public Service at the University of Waterloo. What I love about this program is that I will have the ability to influence and contribute to the lives of Canadians. Much of my drive to pursue a career within the public sector is because of what I have learned in Legal Studies and Sociology. I have learned about various social injustices and public policy plays a strong role in addressing these injustices.

Do you have any memorable teaching moments of courses?

There were a wide array of amazing courses; however, I must say that Sexuality and the Law (SOC/LS 325), Juvenile Delinquency (SOC/LS 222), Social Statistics (SOC/LS 280), Socio-Legal Responses to Crime (LS 403), and Selected Topics in Criminology (SOC/LS 229) were my top favourites!

There were so many great professors but I absolutely enjoyed taking courses with Dr. Schulenberg and Dr. Gallupe. Their insightfulness, passion, and ability to inpsire students definitely impacted my interest in working within the public sector to address many of the controversies we have learned about within these courses.

What advice would you give to current students?

The best advice I could offer for students is to really take advantage of the Statistics and Research Methods courses offered. Although I dreaded have to take Statistics, I ended up enjoying int! It was possibly one of the best classes I have taken. Additionally, statistics has become very resourceful in my current program and much of my career interests include data analysis.