Do you have any memorable teaching moments or courses?

I remember Dr. Goyder's Technology and Social Change course because it completely opened my eyes to the complementary relationship between technology and individuals, cultures, and society. I enjoyed the course so much that I have spent many-a days since then thinking and writing about technology and social control.

In my fourth year I had a seminar with Dr. Helmes-Hayes on Canadian Sociology and Political Economy and that was arguably the most challenging course I took at UWaterloo because I was constantly humbled for thinking I knew what I was doing when I definitely had a lot to learn.

In that same year I did my honours thesis with Dr. Schulenberg and I remember being petrified, frustrated, and inspired by the possibilities of research and going through the process of creating knowledge! Dr. S. was generous, understanding, and helpful throughout that process.

What advice would you give to current students?

Enjoy your time at UWaterloo both in- and outside of classes as much as possible, and really allow yourself the freedom to explore your interests. In my third and fourth year I started taking courses that were outside of my comfort zone and was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying myself! This led me to being comfortable trying something new, which is a trait that helps me to this day.