Adjunct Professor

John GoyderPh.D. Sociology (McMaster)
M.A. Sociology (McMaster)
B.A. Economics and History (Bishop's)

Research and teaching areas

  • Social Science Methodology - SOC 697 and (occasional) SOC 321, SOC 712
  • Social Inequality - SOC 315
  • Technology and Social Change - SOC 232
  • Waterloo as Knowledge Society - SOC 339
  • Social Identity - SOC 412

Selected publications and presentations

Social inequality

  • Goyder, John (2009). The Prestige Squeeze: Occupational Prestige in Canada Since 1965. McGill - Queen's University Press. Winner of the 2010 Porter Prize.

Survey research methods

  • Goyder, John (1987). The Silent Minority: Nonrespondents on Sample Surveys. Polity Press/Westview Press.
  • Goyder, John, and Claire Durand. 2008. "The Prestige of Survey Research." Canadian journal of marketing Research 24:22-31.

Work and technology

  • Goyder, John (2005). Technology and Society: A Canadian Perspective. (2nd edition) Broadview Press.


University of Waterloo

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