Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo

Software engineering is a systematic and disciplined approach to developing software. It applies both computer science and engineering principles and practices to the creation, operation, and maintenance of software systems.

At the University of Waterloo, Software Engineering is an independent, interdisciplinary program supported by both the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Engineering. Graduates of this program will earn a Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) degree.

Faculty of Engineering

Courses provided by the Faculty of Engineering show students how to design and how to solve problems in digital hardware and software.

Faculty of Math

Courses provided by the Faculty of Math give students the background they need to understand computing fundamentals and to model and reason about software behaviour.


Waterloo won the 2021 ICPC North America Division Championship, and advances to 45th ICPC World Finals. ICPC is the International Collegiate Programming Contest. Waterloo's team includes 4A SE student Wesley Leung, and solved 12 problems in contest. No other competitor solved more than 9 problems. 

SE 2021 Capstone Team Hyperbeam (formerly Tutturu) won the $50K Palihapitiya Venture Creation Fund, to help fund their startup. The team consists of SE students Philip Scott, Amby Balaji, Declan Goncalves, and former SE student Keer Liu (now BCS). Hyperbeam is a shared web browser that allows friends to watch videos and surf the web together from different locations. They have over 1 million users, including over 170,000 who are active each month.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

SE alumnus founds VaccineHunters

SE2016 alumnus Josh Kalpin is part of the volunteer "vaccine hunter" team that has created a Twitter account to inform people of available vaccine appointments. The City of Toronto has partnered with them to disseminate information to the public.