It has historically been a challenge to secure nominations for President of the UWSA. The concerns that potential candidates have are:

  • much greater workload than their current position
  • their ability to manage significant and high level issues
  • their ability to fit in the time required during the two part time years
  • leaving their position for a year during the full-time assignment
  • public speaking

The workload of the UWSA is significant and it cannot function without a full-time president. Over the years the Board has made many efforts to increase the number of nominations for President with little or no success and agreed to implement a stipend in 2016. 

Stipend guidelines

  1. Beginning with the President’s term starting in 2016, the President shall receive a stipend paid by the UWSA.
  2. The amount of the stipend shall be equal to 10% of a 35 hr USG13 Job Value as per the UW Salary Scale that is active on the date the President takes office.
  3. The payments shall be prorated and paid in arrears.
  4. Payments shall be made with the regular UW pay and as per UW’s standard salary procedures.
  5. A President’s Stipend Review Committee (PSRC) shall be formed and composed of:
    1. One UWSA Director (normally the Treasurer) selected by the UWSA Board, and
    2. Four at-large UWSA members selected by the UWSA Nominating Committee.
  6. PSRC at-large members shall hold terms that last for two reviews (four years) and be arranged such that two members are replaced after every election.
  7. The UWSA Board shall replace the PSRC Director member as they see fit.
  8. The PSRC shall:
    1. be chaired by one of the at-large members as elected by the PSRC;
    2. review the President’s stipend in every odd number year beginning in 2019;
    3. make a recommendation to the Board about the value of the stipend by March 1st of the review year; and
    4. meet as necessary to accomplish item 8.c.