October 23, 1969

In the fall of 1969, approximately one hundred interested staff members turned out at the Glenbriar Curling Club to discuss forming an association. As a result of those discussions and the interest shown at that meeting, a steering committee was formed on October 23, 1969.

November 10, 1969

With swift action, the steering committee elected a chair, organized sub-committees, and arranged a general staff meeting to be held on November 10, 1969. That staff meeting became the foundation of the University of Waterloo Staff Association. At that meeting, an Executive Committee (including our first President) was elected and the task of building the University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) began.

March 17, 1970

A draft of the proposed Constitution was introduced on March 17, 1970. On April 21, 1970 an official Constitution was adopted by the membership.

June 1, 1970

The first Annual General Meeting was held and the first full-term Executive Committee was elected. The Committee appointed Chairs to standing committees and these committees were then staffed with volunteers from among the membership.

July 30, 1973

The University of Waterloo Staff Association officially became a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Ontario on July 30, 1973.

February 21, 1975

The UWSA reached a membership level of over 50% of staff members and received a letter of congratulations (PDF) from the president, Dr. Burt Matthews (1970 - 1981), officially recognizing this achievement and acknowledging that the association's participation in university decision-making structures would increase from this point on.

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