8 Reasons to Run for President-elect

Are you looking for an opportunity to expand your leadership capacity? Are you interested in building a more nuanced understanding of how things get done at the University? Are you someone who cares about advocacy and justice? If any of this sounds like you, please read on and consider running for President-elect of the UWSA!

During my term as UWSA President, I’ve focused on improving staff working conditions, advocating for staff who need support, and strengthening the long-term stability of our UWSA. As my term draws to an end this November, I’m feeling a lot of emotions. On one hand, I’m excited to return to my regular role in the Faculty of Engineering; on the other, I’m going to miss the work I’ve done here, and the fantastic folks I’ve worked with. But I’m also super excited to see what advances Dave McDougall, our incoming President, will bring us during his term.

I’m impressed with the impact Dave has had through his work as President-elect, and I’ll be happy continue to offer my support and advice as Past President. But Dave needs a President-elect to mentor and help prepare for the role of next year’s President.

If you could see yourself in this role, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss the work and the opportunities (and challenges) it brings – just send me a message in Teams or by email and we’ll find a time. I would also be happy to share the job description we’ve been developing for the role of President – we’ve been working to refine and focus the role so that the incumbent has a clear understanding of what they need to do. So if you’ve read this far, why not book a time to learn more? Or at least plan to attend one of our Information Sessions. But don’t delay - the nomination period closes at 4:30 pm on September 29, 2021!

And, as promised, here are 8 Reasons to Run for President-elect:

  1. Work with colleagues from across campus, including senior University administrators
  2. Build your leadership capacity
  3. Contribute to improved staff working conditions
  4. Enhance your understanding of how the University operates
  5. Advocate for individual staff who need support
  6. Help address inequities impacting staff
  7. Earn a small stipend in addition to your regular salary
  8. Bring your unique skillset and perspective to help improve your UWSA!

Take good care,