1. Purpose

To apply an equitable and ethical appointments process to appointing University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) members as representatives to UWSA Board and Operational committees and to University of Waterloo committees seeking staff representation. The appointment process may also be used upon request to appoint members to temporary committees or working groups.

2. Mandate

  • To oversee the appointments process including
    • advertising of vacancies,
    • collection and review of applications,
    • selection of appointees, and
    • communication of results;
  • To retain complete records of each appointment cycle;
  • To replace appointees as necessary.

3. Reporting relationships

The Appointments Committee reports through the Chair to the UWSA President.

4. Membership

The Appointments Committee consists of:

  • UWSA Operations Team Member
  • Seven members at large
  • UWSA President, ex officio, non-voting

5. Chair

The UWSA Operations Team Member shall serve as Chair.

6. Recording secretary

The Committee shall assign the recording secretary from its membership.

7. Frequency of meetings

The Committee shall meet as needed to fulfill its mandate, typically six times per year.

8. Quorum

A quorum shall be four voting members.

9. Appointment

Members shall be appointed by the UWSA Operations Team. Appointments are normally for a two-year term, renewable once at the discretion of the Committee Chair.

10. Circulation of minutes

Minutes are circulated to Committee members.