1. Purpose

The purpose of the Fundraising and Social Committee is to organize social and fundraising events for the enjoyment of staff members.

2. Mandate

  • To canvass staff to determine events and programs of current/popular interest.
  • To initiate and organize social events responding to suggestions of popular interest and enjoyment from the membership.
  • To recruit staff members to the committee who have an interest in events to help with an activity or function.
  • To seek sponsorships/donations for events that require prizes, silent auction items, gifts.
  • To perform other functions as requested by the Board of Directors or Operations Team.

3. Reporting relationships

The Fundraising and Social Committee reports through the Chair to the President. The Chair reports annually to the membership.

4. Membership

The Fundraising and Social Committee consists of several members appointed by the Chair as necessary (the number will be based on the staffing requirements to support targeted Fundraising and Social programs). Each member serves a minimum of two years. Event chairs/leaders must be current members of the UWSA.

5. Chair

The Chair is the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator.

6. Recording secretary

The Recording Secretary is the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator.

7. Frequency of meetings

The Fundraising and Social Committee shall meet monthly.

8. Quorum

A quorum shall be a majority of the members entitled to vote.

9. Appointment

Members are appointed annually by the Chair for a two-year term. The Appointments Committee may be engaged to help with recruiting members.

10. Circulation of minutes

Minutes are circulated to Committee members, and to the President.

Revised: April 19, 2022
Approved: July 15, 2022