1. Purpose

To allocate Staff Enhancement Grant (SEG) funding.

2. Mandate

  • To communicate calls for SEG funding applications.
  • To review grant applications.
  • To allocate funding to grant applications that are in alignment with the SEG Fund Guidelines, up to yearly budgeted amount.

3. Reporting relationships

The SEG Committee reports through the Committee Chair to the UWSA President.

4. Membership

The SEG Committee consists of:

  • UWSA Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, ex officio
  • UWSA Staff Advocacy Officer, ex officio
  • UWSA President, ex officio
  • UWSA President-elect, ex officio
  • UWSA Past President, ex officio

5. Chair

The UWSA Membership and Volunteer Coordinator shall serve as Chair.

6. Recording secretary

The Committee shall assign the recording secretary from its membership.

7. Frequency of meetings

The SEG Committee shall meet a minimum of twice a year.

8. Quorum

A quorum shall be four voting members. 

9. Appointment

All members are ex officio.

10. Circulation of minutes

Minutes are circulated to Committee members.

Revised: April 19, 2022; March 28, 2024 (titles and chair only)
Approved: July 15, 2022