Announcement of the UWSA 2020 election results

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

2020 election results

We are excited to welcome new additions to the UWSA Board of Directors as they bring their expertise and knowledge to the table, while helping further the UWSA mission to represent the interests of UW Staff. 

Joe Allen, UWSA Chief Returning Officer presented the 2020 election report at the UWSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, October 29, 2020.  The following candidates were successful in their bids for election:

Dave McDougall, President-elect

Jane Arnem, Director (3-year term)
Michael Herz, Director (3-year term)

Selena Santi, Director (1-year term)

The election of sitting Board Director Dave McDougall to the position of President-elect left a Board Director vacancy. In accordance with the UWSA constitution and general practices, the next runner-up was invited to serve as a Board Director until the next AGM; we are happy to report that she accepted. Welcome, Kristen Deckert (1-year term).

At the first meeting of this new Board, held on November 10, 2020, Jane Arnem was appointed Treasurer and Kristen Deckert was appointed Secretary.

Please join us in welcoming the 2020-21 UWSA Board of Directors

President: Kathy Becker

President-elect: Dave McDougall

Past President: Lawrence Folland

Secretary: Kristen Deckert

Treasurer: Jane Arnem

Director: Agata Antkiewicz

Director: Selena Santi

Director: Bill Baer

Director: Michael Herz

“We have a solid team, and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish over the next year for our members. If you’re interested in supporting our efforts, please send me an email or Teams message” said President Kathy Becker.  

Thank you to all the candidates vying for the opportunity to serve the UWSA membership; please continue to seek ways to share your voice with UWSA.

Thank you to Joe Allen, Chief Returning Officer, past Secretary Annette Dietrich and the whole election committee for hosting this year’s Annual General Meeting on Webex. COVID-19 restrictions did not allow members to meet face-to-face, so without hesitation the election committee worked tirelessly to set up this new meeting platform to ensure professional expectations. Far surpassing recent AGM attendance, there were almost 200 participants this year, creating a silver lining during these abnormal times.  

Finally, thank you to Yvonne McDougall-Brady, the UWSA Johnson Insurance rep, for once again generously sponsoring fabulous door prizes, worth $750.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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    3. March (2)
    4. January (7)
  2. 2020 (31)
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