Feminine hygiene dispensing service changes

Monday, September 10, 2018

Plant Operations working with Retail Services to provide vending machines

(From Plant Ops) - The decision to discontinue the feminine hygiene product dispensing service was made within Plant Operations about 10 years ago following a high number of incidents involving vandalism of dispensers and theft of product and/ or money. Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine if there was ever any communication to the University community at the time of the decision and it appears the winding down process was disorganized at best. Removal of units has been inconsistent,  many damaged units in older buildings have been left in place and in other locations they are stocked sporadically. It should be noted also that recently constructed buildings have had no dispensers installed for the past 10 years or so.

As we started to delve into these concerns, further concerns were raised about safety for those staff collecting money from the few remaining dispensers being stocked, and so we began to assess alternate solutions that could provide a cost effective dispensing service that both respects the needs of  females on campus and balances that with staff safety.

In collaboration with Retail Services, it is the University’s intention to offer this dispensing service via vending machine around campus with the first units going into service in the next few weeks.  At the same time, Plant Operations maintenance has put in place a process for the removal of any wall mounted dispensers remaining across campus.

I understand that some departments may like to offer an interim local service (at their own cost) and Plant Operations can support their initiative by providing temporary signage in female washrooms indicating the location that feminine hygiene products can be obtained/ purchased, such temporary signage will be provided at Plant Operations cost.

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