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Agata AntkiewiczTerm of office: 2022–2025

About Agata: I am the Associate Director of Strategic Planning and Administration, at the Games Institute.  I am a highly skilled manager and strategic planner with a background in economics, economic policy analysis and organizational systems analysis. My Master's degree was focused on international relations and international trade. My career has taken me through academic teaching, research and publications, policy analysis, interdisciplinary research, institutional reorganizations, systems analysis, and now strategic planning and organization. Outside of work, I'm interested in quilting, sewing of all kinds, fibre spinning, restoration of antique sewing machines, reading, hiking and whatever else is interesting at any particular time. 

Reason for running: My third term on the UWSA Board of Directors will be spent ensuring that the Board can complete the transition we have started with the introduction of our by-law (2019) and the MOA with the University (2022). In addition to completing the organization changes, I intend to use my experience in management and my relationship-building skills to advocate for and empower staff. I hope to further improve the university as a workplace and to share my passion for equity, opportunity and personal growth.

Vision for UWSA: To be the most active campus force for social justice, anti-racism, decolonization, equity, diversity and inclusion. 

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