Application Instructions 

  • Applicants are asked to complete and provide details for each section below. Incomplete proposals may be rejected or returned to the submitter for more details.  

  • Specific to the most recent call for applications, we ask that you identify how your project or opportunity can be carried out within the safe parameters identified due to COVID-19.   

  • Successful proposals will fall under one of the following categories:  

    • Healthy Workplace Initiatives - Proposals could include fitness courses, workshops on healthy living, seminars on work-life balance, etc.  

    • Engagement and Leadership Development - Proposals could include guest speakers or courses to enhance leadership skills among staff.  

  • And will meet the following criteria: 

    • meet the goals of the aforementioned initiatives  

    • enhance our working environment  

    • be implemented quickly and should have a duration of no more than 2 years (proposals may be submitted again to be considered for continued funding)  

    • benefit many people  

    • encourage cooperation and collaboration across departments  

    • not fund construction costs or capital infrastructure  

  • Proposals must not be currently funded or organized by the University and ongoing costs will not be covered. Proposals should also avoid creating tax benefits for employees  


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