Quest website navigation to get a new look

Monday, January 14, 2019

During the February 2019 Reading Week, Quest will be updated to provide clients with a new navigation experience. The update will offer three new landing pages: one for students; one for instructors and advisors; and one for staff. The landing page(s) a user will see will depend on how their access is structured in Quest. For example, a student will see only one landing page, while a staff person who is also a student will see two. Users with access to multiple landing pages can quickly flip between them using a drop down at the top of the page.

The tile-based navigation structure offers students, faculty, and staff a modernized, user-friendly experience. And while the initial style of the page and how you navigate the tiles will be different, the actual site content and how you use those pages will remain the same.

New tile based navigationThese usability improvements are the result of a user engagement survey that was conducted in fall 2018 and offer clients:

  • An improved work flow
  • Enhanced navigation options
  • Reduced clicking
  • A modern look and feel
  • Easier access to help resources
  • An experience that aligns with that of Quest Mobile

This update also brings new background technology that will allow for greater adaptability and support during future deployments.

Be sure check back for updates on this work. 

Home page image above is a prototype. 

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