The project team will work to understand, document and implement a holistic view of the University of Waterloo tuition calculation (TCalc) process to better serve the campus in the future. At the same time, the team will ensure that the current process is followed or updated, as required, in order to maintain daily operations.

This project includes two streams of work:

  1. TCalc holistic view/implementation:
  • Understand UW TCalc current governance, process, calculations and system capabilities/needs/challenges.
  • Develop business requirements which will lead to defining work necessary to implement.
  • Gain an understanding of likely or potential future needs.
  • Investigate new functionality to make improvements (including the associated change management) to the processes.
  • Implement an operational, maintainable and extensible solution within the processes, calculations and system administration.
  • Prepare documentation and governance structure that will support and control future growth.
  1. TCalc current operations (maintain business operations):
  • Ensure operations of the TCalc current process continue.
  • Develop a better understanding of the capabilities and challenges of the current TCalc.
  • Implement possible resolutions for operational issues identified.
  • Gain knowledge and experience (both within Finance and IST) of the traditional campus solutions tuition calculation process to aid in a better longer-term holistic solution.