Keeping current


  • We want to ensure Quest is ‘current’ and we define current as:
    • Having the latest Critical Patch Update (CPU) applied.
    • Being no more than one application bundle behind.
    • Having PeopleTools (PT) on a supported release.
  • We want to get to the point where we are applying CPUs/bundles four times a year.
  • We will apply a PeopleTools upgrade no more than once a year.
  • We will upgrade Oracle, the operating system and hardware, as required by the PeopleTools upgrade.

Current environment (November 2012)

  • Peoplesoft Campus Solutions 9.00.01
  • PeopleTools 8.51.19
  • Bundle #23 (applied June 2012)
  • Oracle

Current methodology

  • We have been applying several Maintenance Packs at a time.
  • Maintenance Packs contain several bundles.
  • Maintenance Packs also contain necessary upgrades to the Human Capital Management (HCM) component of the product.
  • Applying several bundles at a time requires extensive testing, and reapplication of customizations.
  • By the time we have finished one upgrade we are again already out of date.

Critical Patch Updates (CPUs)

  • Oracle generally releases CPU four times a year.
  • CPUs may be released at any time if there is a need i.e. urgent security fix.
  • CPUs may consist of patches for several products i.e. Java, webserver, etc.
  • We will apply a new CPU no more than two months after its release. January’s CPU will be applied in February/March; April’s CPU in May/June, etc.

Application bundles

  • Oracle releases bundles in January, April, July and October.
  • We will apply the previous bundle no more than two months after current bundles is released. January’s bundle will be applied in May/June, April’s bundle in September/October, etc.

PeopleTools releases

  • Oracle intends to release a new PeopleTools (PT) version every 12-18 months.
  • Support will continue on the previous version for a period of two years after a new release.
  • We are currently on PT 8.51.
  • We intend to go to PT 8.52 in June of 2013.
  • PT 8.53 is scheduled for release Apr 2013.
  • PT 8.54 is scheduled for release May 2014.
  • PT 8.55 is scheduled for release June 2015.
  • PT 8.56 is scheduled for release June 2016.
  • PT 8.57 is scheduled for release June 2017.

Database/Hardware implications

  • We are currently on Oracle
  • Oracle 11g was released several years ago.
  • PT 8.5.3 requires Oracle 11g.
  • Oracle 11g may require operating system and hardware upgrades.

Bundles schedule






Oct 2011

Jun 2012

Last upgrade


Jan 2012

Jun 2013

Next upgrade will include PT 8.5.2


Apr 2012



Jul 2012



Oct 2012



Jan 2013



Apr 2013

Dec 2013

Catch up before starting new schedule


Jul 2013



Oct 2013

Jan 2014

New schedule starts


Jan 2014

Apr 2014



Apr 2014

Jul 2014



Jul 2014

Oct 2014