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Exam Season Guide

Set yourself up for success and better your mindset as you enter this demanding part of the term. 

It may not be your favourite time of the year, but final exam season is here. Get through it with these tips to help you to succeed this term.  

Step 1: Plan it out

University life gets hectic and deadlines sneak up fast. Making a plan can help relieve stress by getting organized to help manage your time. Connect with a friendly Peer Success Coach at the Student Success Office (SSO). They'll help you whip up a game plan and boost those study skills. Plan to start next term off on the right track and bookmark these helpful Learning Support resources - tools to help you study smarter not harder. 

Step 2: Do what works for you

Schedule study time, build in breaks and connect with classmates. Did you know our campus is bursting with a variety of support resources?

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Learn how to create effective study questions

Step 3: Top study strategies

All of the information can feel overwhelming. Learning the best tips, tricks and tools for effective study strategies is important.

Review notes can help consolidate what you’ve learned and organize the course information for an effective study session.

And if it comes down to it—we've got you covered with some last-minute study tips, although we really hope you won't need them!

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Step 4: Get your gear

Here's what you should bring to your exam: 

  • WatCard. 

  • Authorized aids specified by your instructor (faculty-approved calculator, formula sheet, etc.). 

  • Writing essentials (pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers—confirm with instructors, e.g., scantrons may need pencil only). 

  • Hydrate with clear, label-free water (W Store has approved reusable bottles)

  • Keep it minimal—bring only what you need; personal items stay at home. 

Step 5: Take care of you

Exam stress hits us all differently. Don't forget to prioritize your mental and physical health. Manage stress like a pro with these tips:

  • Pre-exam and crunch-time stress tips and activities to help you get back on track.
  • Boost your mood with Brain Breaks—14 videos to shake off the daily grind. 
  • Participate in a FREE fitness sessions - they pop up a week before exams and during crunch time.
  • Keep your energy up with a fuel-filled snack or meal; there nutritious options to choose from on campus!

Step 6: Rest & recharge

Ease up on post-exam analysis. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, focus on what went well and move on. Remember:

  • Speculating won't change results.
  • Take time to treat yourself. You've earned it!
  • Spend moments with loved ones, venture outdoors, and ensure you're refreshed and set to conquer the term ahead. 
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