United Way Workplace Campaign Annual Report 2022

Campaign results


A bar graph showing compaign donation totals. Details in caption

The campaign donations totalled $230,000 in both 2020 and 2021, and $225,000 in 2022

 Chart showing how many people make donations in each dollar range. Details in data table.

Pie chart showing 71% of donations came from employees and 29% came from retirees

In 2022, retirees made up 29% of donors while employees totalled 71%.

Pie chart showing that nearly 3 quarters of donations came from emploees versus just over 1 uwarter came from retirees

In 2022, retirees contributed $57,159 and employees contributed $157,643. These totals don't include money raised at events.

Donations by faculty and support unit. See data table for results.

About 1/3 of donations came from academic support units, while the faculties and affiliated and federated institutions of Waterloo contributed about 2/3.

Icon of a printed calendar$10,356RAISED AT CAMPAIGN EVENTS

Pie chart showing break down of expenditures

More than 2/3 of the budget was allocated to hiring a co-op for two terms. Other costs include the kick-off event,events, retiree mailing and general administration.


Campaign features

  1. 2022
    1. Waterloo employees poser with black and gold umbrellas
      March of the 1,000 Umbrellas
    2. A white cake decorated with red to celebrate the United Way Kick-off lunch
      Kick-off Lunch
    3. March of Dimes Canada logo
      Daily Bulletin spotlight: March of Dimes Canada
    4. Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries logo
      Daily Bulletin spotlight: Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries
    5. The Waterloo sign wrapped in read to celebrate United Way
      GO RED DAY
    6. ARGUS logo
      Daily Bulletin spotlight: ARGUS
    7. Poster for the houseplants workship featuring stylized illustrations of green plants
      Houseplants 102
    8. Poster advertising yoga session featuing an illustration of a woman in a yoga pose with plants
    9. Poster advertising soup day featuring a blue bowl of soup against an orange-red background
      Soup Day
    10. The Waterloo faculty deans dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters
      March of the Deans
    11. Event poster from the United Way cooking show featuring cartoons of vegatables scattered across a black background
      Cooking Show

2022 United Way Waterloo Region Communities Funding Distribution

Cause areas we've featured:

  • Food insecurity
  • Affordable housing and homelessness
  • Mental health and addictions
United Way Impact 2022-2023 Food Insecurity Affordable Housing and Homelessness Mental Health and Addictions
Dollars invested $127,000 $659,000 $469,000
People served 18,000 6,884 15,331

Waterloo recognized with Spirit of Community award

Waterloo staff accept the award at the United Way

On Thursday, April 20, the United Way Waterloo Region communities (United Way WRC) recognized the University of Waterloo for its outstanding contributions in helping develop a better community.

The University received the 2022 Spirit of Community Award in recognition of its robust fundraising campaign and programs like Co-op for Community. 

Read the full story in the Daily Bulletin


“Everyone benefits with the United Way, from donors and volunteers to beneficiaries. It brings out the best in people and we are amazed at the difference it makes in our community: we are engaged, we belong, we are generous, and we grow together.”

— Alice Raynard and Gordon Savage, United Way Core Committee Co-chairs

Campaign volunteers

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and donors!

Without you, there is no way.

Core committee

  • Gordon Savage – Faculty Campaign Co-Chair
  • Alice Raynard – Staff Campaign Co-Chair
  • Chantel Franklin – Administrative Officer
  • Emily Shim – Campaign Coordinator
  • Victoria Gadon – Volunteer Committee
  • Kristen Deckert – Volunteer Committee
  • Melissa Benjamin – Events Committee
  • Zainab Mahmood – Events Committee
  • Lindy Loughran – Communications Committee
  • Carrie Stevenson – Communications Committee
  • Angie Hildebrand – Communications Committee
  • Stephanie Osborne – Stewardship Committee
  • Anjie Dietrich – United Way Waterloo Region Communities 
Three arrows pointing upward to suggest in increase in something3MORE AMBASSADORS THIS YEAR

Pie chart showng 1/3 of event-related funds were raised by central events while 2/3 was raised throgh events held by ambassadors

About 1/3 of funds raised from events came from Central Committee Events while 2/3 camd from Ambassador Events.


Name Department/Unit
Amanda Annarilli Student Success Office
Andrea Santi Co-operative Education
Carrie Jenks University Relations
Christina Yee Research
Clare Bermingham Writing and Communication Centre
Colin Jones Centre for Extended Learning
Dana Grace MacMillan Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business
Hannah Sesink Professional Development Program
Jasmine Ouellette Faculty of Engineering
Jessica Zimmerman Registrar's Office
Jonathan Hype Plant Operations
Karen Dubois Faculty of Engineering
Laureen Gehl Provost Office
Lauren Hartman Faculty of Mathematics
Maureen Jones Registrar's Office
Megan Hannath Advancement
Melanie Slimming Faculty of Arts
Rachel Jenson Co-operative Education
Rodrigo Curty Pereira Faculty of Environment
Sarah Martin Library
Shelly Jordan Faculty of Arts
Stacey Koch Faculty of Engineering
Stefaniada Voichita Libraty
Susan Grant Advancement
Zainab Mahmood Advancement
Caitlin Vaux Office of the President
Easton Page Professional Development Program
Fiona McAlister Faculty of Health

Icon of a bull horn emitting soundShout out to Elizabeth Rogers and Brandon Sweet for supporting our efforts through communications.