Ph.D. Candidate

Short biography

Ruben YousufI am a Software Systems Engineer (P.Eng.) with over eight years of industry experience. I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary. My previous work experiences (from NovAtel, Leica Geosystems and COM DEV) mostly involved implementing and innovating engineering principles using software development as the primary tool, with a focus on navigation and aerospace applications. I excel at troubleshooting, problem solving, modular development, systems testing and innovation. I am currently working on exciting projects and technical investigations that take advantage of and nurture my unique set of skills and experiences. In my spare time, I like to experiment with music to find crossroads between the arts and sciences.


David A. ClausiPaul Fieguth

Research interests

In the VIP Lab, I am a part-time Ph.D. student conducting research for my full-time employer, Christie Digital Systems. Although I work in Software Engineering at Christie, my research purpose here is to investigate and develop robust methods of extracting geometry from sparse measurements. Therefore, my research focus deals with a few branches of compressive sensing such as: depth reconstruction, segregation of texture from ambient illumination, structure extraction, detrending in 2-D and Retinex methods.

Research topics

Computer Vision

Image Segmentation/Classification

Scientific Imaging

Video Analysis


Conference papers

Yousuf, R., F. Newland, and T. Kirubarajan, "Satellite Orbit Determination using Ground-based Navigation Datapdf",European Navigation Conference, London, UK, ENC 2011, 2011. Details

University of Waterloo

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