Efficient nonlocal-means denoising using the SVD

TitleEfficient nonlocal-means denoising using the SVD
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsOrchard, J., M. Ebrahimi, and A. Wong
Conference Name15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
KeywordsImage Denoising, nonlocal-means denoising, singular value decomposition, SVD

Nonlocal-means (NL-means) is an image denoising method that replaces each pixel by a weighted average of all the pixels in the image. Unfortunately, the method requires the computation of the weighting terms for all possible pairs of pixels, making it computationally expensive. Some short-cuts assign a weight of zero to any pixel pairs whose neighbourhood averages are too dissimilar. In this paper, we propose an alternative strategy that uses the SVD to more efficiently eliminate pixel pairs that are dissimilar. Experiments comparing this method against other NL-means speed-up strategies show that its refined discrimination between similar and dissimilar pixel neighbourhoods significantly improves the denoising effect.