Closure Presentation

Closure Presentation (PPTX)

Purpose of Closure Presentation

The closure presentation is recommended for larger projects or programs with a number of stakeholders who are interested in the results and deliverable(s) of the project/program.  The presentation is an opportunity to communicate to stakeholders and share project/program information such as

  • details about the deliverable(s)/change
  • the impact to stakeholders
  • the benefits stakeholders can expect to receive and when
  • project team acknowledgement
  • lessons learned for other projects
  • how the deliverable(s) will be introduced to stakeholders
  • what assistance will be available to help stakeholders with the change
  • next steps
  • future initiatives related to deliverable(s)

The closure presentation and messaging should be part of the project/program communication plan.

Closure Presentation Participants

It is highly recommended that the Sponsor say some words during the presentation supporting the deliverable(s)/change and why it is important.

Other presenters may include the project/program manager, project owner, or others involved with the project/program.

Participants will vary depending upon the project/program impact.  Invitations to the presentation should be sent to key stakeholders at minimum, and others who may be impacted.

The presentation content and length may vary, depending on different stakeholder groups.  There may be more than one presentation required, or marketing messages may be more effective for particular groups.  For example, a marketing video may be more effective when targeting students as a key stakeholder instead of offering an hour long presentation summarizing the results of the project/program.

The PMO is available to offer assistance with closure messages and presentations.  Please access these services by submitting a ticket to the PMO.