Satisfaction survey

Satisfaction survey request

Purpose of satisfaction survey

The satisfaction survey is a tool that will assist towards collecting satisfaction feedback to measure project/program success, and to collect lessons learned that can be used towards further discussions at meetings and interviews.

The survey collects stakeholder opinions towards:

  • satisfaction with the process
    • the project/program management methodology used
    • the product delivery process/methodology used
  • satisfaction with the product (deliverable)
  • satisfaction with the outcome (perceived value)
  • what went well and what didn't
  • recommendations for future improvement

Satisfaction survey participants

Participants in the survey should include, at minimum, the following:

  • sponsor
  • project manager
  • project team
  • key stakeholders
  • project/program governance

Depending upon the project/program, others may also be asked to participate in the survey.

The survey should be administered by an impartial third party so that replies remain anonymous and encourage honesty in responses. Replies should be summarized (anonymously) and provided to the lessons learned facilitator and to the project manager.  PMO resources are available to facilitate the satisfaction survey process.  Please submit a ticket to the PMO to request satisfaction survey services.


In preparation for the survey, it is advised that the stakeholders review the project, especially those that were longer in duration, to recall some of what happened.  This can be done through conversations and reviewing documentation such as minutes, change requests, the RAID log, and lessons learned collected throughout the project.

  1. The survey is set up in Qualtrics.  Please submit a ticket to the PMO to request the satisfaction survey service. Include a list of survey recipients. 
  2. An email will be sent to the survey recipients, asking them to fill out the survey by a certain date.
  3. A PMO facilitator will provide the anonymous summarized survey results and send them to the project manager (for assessing project success) and the lessons learned facilitator (for facilitating lessons learned meetings and/or interviews).

Survey responses will be kept anonymous.

Next steps

The project manager should use the survey results to assess project success in the closure report, based on satisfaction results collected through the survey and criteria established in the charter and project management plan.

The lessons learned facilitator should summarize lessons learned from the survey, and use some of the key lessons to facilitate meetings and/or interviews before writing the lessons learned report.

A summarization of the survey results should be shared with participants.