Graduate diploma in social innovation

The Program is Closed

2013-14 was the third and final year we offered this program. 

The program

As society becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, we must develop more sophisticated responses to pressing problems.

Organizations and individuals committed to finding effective solutions know that it is impossible to create this kind of transformation alone: new forms of engagement are required between organizations and across sectors; new knowledge must be created; and new roadmaps for action are needed.

The Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation, a partnership between leading academics at the University of Waterloo, expert practitioners from across the country, and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, intentionally engaged professionals from different sectors.

Together they will learnt about the concepts and theories that frame ideas related to social innovation and collaborate to apply new ideas to design strategies that address challenges.

Professional learning and process support, expert advisors, and access to some of the world’s leading educators and consultants were just a few of the unique features of this collaboration for social innovation education.