The Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR) is constantly exploring new areas of knowledge development and experimenting with projects that will further our understanding of the dynamics of social innovation.  

Some of our current projects include:

Point form research streams

Exploring social innovation as a contributor to social-ecological resilience and sustainability in environmental management


Partnership between the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA), WISIR and Queen's University

Scaling impacts

How do you scale your work "up" and "out"?

Social innovation simulations and modelling

The Social Innovation Generation (SiG) Simulation and Modelling Team believes that software has a strong role to play in supporting social innovation.

Social innovation labs

Social Innovation Lab Guide

SiG knowledge hub

The SiG knowledge hub is a website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation,and to highlight examples in Canada and around the world.