Phase 2 results

INCUBATION Phase 2 was a 90-minute meet-up in which folks identified micro-experiments that could be pursued to advance their particular interests in social acquisition work. The table below demonstrates the variety of initiatives that participants identified as valuable, what WISIR staff offered as comments for first steps, and also what operational pillar these micro-experiments would likely fall under (these pillars were built out of condensing the data from Phase 1). 

Comments from WISIR
Institute Incubation pillar (suggested)
Centralize our government relations strategy/briefing document Most of this can be compiled using existing social acquisition knowledge products and cited content; continuity report; and final report Research & advocacy
Streams of targeted industries for systemic change Good place to start will be the industries flagged in the co-op conversion paper as well as any work done by CoopConvert Research & advocacy
share our lessons learned from social enteprise acquisition incubator and the resources developed Important stuff! Linking the landing page here for everyone. Peer learning
I want to learn more about the early-stage barriers to social acquisitions (excel sheet download) This sounds like a great research investigation. I recommend starting wtih the co-op conversion literature as there is extensive work on it already (see above in rows 2, 3 and 4 for links to great resources) Peer learning
Convert a service sector business into a worker or multi-stakeholder co-op Amazing - let's do it and investigate how a social acquisition institute might help! Governance & partnerships
Collaboration: Work with people to think about policy for government; Would like to research what it would take to get more support from Provincial Gov in funding similar to Quebec
Grants to support Quebec/outside Quebec collaboration abound with the Bureau du Québec - L3 successfully got a matching grant to make sure we could operate in French at the tail end of the project. I would recommend starting there! Research & advocacy
Help create a list of professionals across the country who have experience with social acquisitions, especiially co-op. Thanks to the hard work done with the business advisors group, a lot of the early work on this has already been started: a practitioner database framework has been created and also the collection of resources that would feed a "intro to social acquisitions" booklet for practitioners. See Google drive folder for complete collection of artifacts. Research & advocacy
Determine what organizations are doing similar things as us and determine what resources they lack to determine where partnerships could be created and what gap we can fill That's essentially the entire L3/Social Acquisition community and extensive sense-making has been done on that front and collated into things like the final report and continuity report (see above links in row 2) Research & advocacy
Survey the academic community to see who's interested in doing real deep research to understand the impact of Employee/Social ownership in Canada Sounds like fun ! It might be something to plug into the IRP work that will soon be kicking off. We should talk. Research & advocacy
New Atlantic Social Succession Project in development w/ ACOA, hope to start April 1st
Will include Awareness & Engagement, Capacity Building & Pilots
Be great to be able to scale up a federal / national scale project at some point
No comments from WISIR at this time , glad you continue to join into the institute efforts and see benefit in staying engaged. Governance & partnerships
Create a 1 page document to BBIA's teo tell them about Social Aquisition and why it would help their community Very easily done using the resources already identified by in 2, 3, and 8 (business advisors design group from L3). The only challenge there is that with one-pager resources like that, the question becomes what action/next step is recommended - there needs to be someone at the other end of the one-pager ready to help them move forward. Research & advocacy
Connect with business conversion developers in Qc to learn from their experiences. This feels like it could be combined with Row 7! Peer learning
Learn what businesses are most struggling with converting to social aquisition and why   Peer learning
Research how social enterprises create positive impact in Rural Communities Neat stuff - perhaps a combination Mitacs/RED grant opportunity? Research & advocacy
PMO/ Enterprise Design Brief Neat stuff! I would need to know more to provide guidance. Peer learning

Participating organizations and individuals // Les organisations et individuel(le)s participant(e)s

 Logos unavailable: // Les logos non-demontrés :
  • Coopérative de développement régional du Québec (CDRQ)
  • Green Lava Media Incorporated
  • ShaMaSha
  • Inclusive Economy London
  • Home Opportunities Non-profit Corporation
  • City of Kitchener
  • Stacey Lines
  • Royal Roads University
  • Mohammed Mustafa
  • Lerners LLP
  • Tanya Moore