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WISIR is leading the INCUBATION of an initiative to advance social acquisitions as a business recovery, succession, and resilience strategy for Canadian business owners and communities.

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Leaders and members of a Social Acquisition "institute" would span numerous stakeholder groups and could benefit in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) through: 

  • peer learning, professional development, and communities of practice 

  • networking, partnerships, and relationship-brokering 

  • research and knowledge development and dissemination 

  • resourcing support for social acquisitions 

The INCUBATION of the Social Acquisition initiative grew from the 2021 Legacy Leadership Lab Continuity Report, which recommended five key actions that leaders could engage in to support and grow social acquisition development in Canada.  

Final Report

To learn more about the Legacy Leadership Lab and its findings, download the Final Report here.  

The incubation process depends on the contribution of expertise, funding, and community engagement from those who wish to see the movement flourish.  

WISIR is currently in Phase 3 of an INCUBATION process. We are recruiting an executive board from February to April 2022.