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WISIR is leading the INCUBATION of an initiative to advance social acquisitions as a business recovery, succession, and resilience strategy for Canadian business owners and communities.

Incubate a movement

Leaders and members of a Social Acquisition intitiative would span numerous stakeholder groups and could benefit in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) through: 

  • peer learning, professional development, and communities of practice 

  • networking, partnerships, and relationship-brokering 

  • research and knowledge development and dissemination 

  • resourcing support for social acquisitions 

The INCUBATION of the Social Acquisition initiative grew from the 2021 Legacy Leadership Lab Continuity Report, which recommended five key actions that leaders could engage in to support and grow social acquisition development in Canada.  

Final report page 45

To learn more about the Legacy Leadership Lab and its findings, you can download the Final Report here.  

The incubation process depends on the contribution of expertise, funding, and community engagement from those who wish to see the movement flourish.  

Over the next several months, WISIR will be stewarding an INCUBATION process that needs your participation and commitment! The process will progress in phases, with each phase’s design building on the results of the previous phase. Each phase will last 1-2 months and participants will work with WISIR to identify elements that can take an ‘exit ramp’ outside WISIR to build the Social Acquisition Initiative as an independent, self-sufficient organization. For WISIR as successful INCUBATION means that we move from being the overseer of the Social Acquisition Initiative to joining you as one of its active founding members. 

I'm in! What do I need to know?

What does participation look like? 

Every phase may be different, so WISIR will call for participants for each phase through its mailing list. Participants can join any and all phases depending on their interest and bandwidth. Each phase should only require a minimum 1-2 hours a month of participants’ time, with additional hours for those positioned to take on more engagement, leadership, or in-kind contributions to incubation efforts.  

What does the Phase 1 look like? 

WISIR is collecting sign-ups for the first phase of incubation. Once sign-ups are closed, we will sort participants into pairs based on their background and interests. We will then connect them with their partner, provide a one-hour activity template, and the pairs will commit to meeting together and filling out their activity template before the deadline. This process will be a highly curated experience that will have the spillover benefit of allowing for deepening connections and enhancing collaborative potential within and across the former L3 community. 


  1. 2021
    1. Nov
      1. Nov 4: Sign up begins
      2. Nov 14: Deadline to sign up
      3. Nov 15: Paired activity begins
      4. Nov 28: Deadline to complete paired activity
      5. Nov 29: WISIR begins collating data and designing Phase 2
    2. Dec
      1. Dec 7: Phase 2 begins

Who should participate? 

You should participate in the incubation process if you or your organization is invested in the success of the social acquisition movement in Canada. Learn more here.

Can there be more than one incubation participant per organization? 

Absolutely! We welcome as many participants as possible! Note however that each participant is expected to participate fully in whichever phase they sign up for (ie: participation should not be split up or shared between people within an organization, but each participant should contribute fully to the incubation work). 

How can I participate? 

Follow this link to reach our sign-up form.