Welcome to the WISIR learning modules on Social Innovation for Complex Problems

In a complex world, making positive change isn't easy. Understanding social innovation and having simple, useful tools for analysis will help.


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Social Innovation for Complex Problems

Free lecture videos, documents, tools, and other resources for understanding social innovation.

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Word cloud of keywords in complex systems.

Complex systems

  • What are complex systems and how do they work?
  • How can I analyze my complex system?
  • How can I describe my complex problem?

A cup of coffee on a paper with drawings about systems thinking.

Systems thinking

  • How can I see what's going on in my system?
  • What are the phases and dynamics within my system?
  • When and where could I intervene?

A group of people standing in a circle with their hands in front of them.

System entrepreneurship

  • What is the role of a system entrepreneur?
  • What is social innovation for system change?
  • How do I decide when and how to collaborate for the most impact?

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