Social innovation simulations and modelling

The Social innovation Generation (SiG) Simulation and Modelling Team believes that software has a strong role to play in supporting social innovation.

They have an ambitious agenda: to give decision-makers the tools to explore the impacts of their actions before they are enacted. 

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View our team's August 27, 2013 webinar on Simulating Social Innovations.


There has been a recent explosion in interest in a new type of “lab.” These labs take different forms, but share a common commitment to support social change. SiG@Waterloo is working on a particular kind of lab called a “Social innovation lab.” .

A key element of this unique form of lab will be the use of visualisation and simulation software. Many systems-change processes already use mapping and prototyping to help participants to understand and engage with systems. Advances in technology have made it possible to imagine developing software that would allow decision-makers to interact with game-like models of the systems they are working within. 

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Project members:

Kirsten Robinson

Project manager / lead researcher

Last updated: July 17, 2014