Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency Program

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

From June 18  to July 15, Prof. Dan McCarthy, and  Prof. Frances Westley along with their esteemed colleagues in social innovation, will be leading the third year of the Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency program at The Banff Centre, supported by the Suncor Energy Foundation.

Social innovation skills are needed now more than ever to tackle the urgent challenges of our times. Complex problems confront individuals and communities in many different sectors. Whether your concerns lie with culture, climate, industry, justice or policy, creating the change we need in the world depends on gaining knowledge and finding new approaches.

Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency has been designed for change-makers with a deep readiness to fuel a personal calling to work for positive change in very complex contexts. The Residency has ambitious goals; it is simultaneously: 

  • A retreat – a rare opportunity to step out of the intensity of your everyday world and look at it from a new perspective
  • A community – a chance to build new networks while living, learning, and exploring alongside some of Canada’s most extraordinary and inspiring agents of change
  • A course – a graduate level immersion in systems dynamics and complexity theory that provides conceptual tools to understand your work and its possibilities in exciting new ways
  • A deep dive – an invitation to look within, to reconnect with your own sense of inspiration and meaning, to explore personal thresholds and to listen to the ‘larger’ story that may be trying to get your attention
  • A toolkit – a very practical set of strategies, concepts, resources and whole-system ‘hacks’ that you can apply directly to your own work 
  • A crucible – a place where you bring specific challenges or projects and reimagine them to reveal new possibilities and lines of action for system change 

For more information on the program please see The Banff Centre

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