Darcy Riddell

Director of strategic learning at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Darcy Riddell has worked to change systems as an environmental activist, strategist, consultant, and educator for almost 20 years. She is currently completing her PhD in Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo, drawing on complexity, resilience, transitions literature and integral theory to understand leverage points for transformative change that bridge individual, institutional and global scales. She is also part of a research and practice group looking at Change Labs and other whole systems convening methodologies to advance systemic change.

Darcy’s recent work includes co-design and teaching in a global fellowship in Social Innovation and Resilience for Rockefeller Foundation, and design and delivery of a Leadership Institute for front-line workers from women-serving organizations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She spent 7 years with Hollyhock Leadership Institute directing programs, facilitating leader development and fostering strategic collaboration between environmental and social sector leaders from across Canada and North America. She has consulted with non-profits, foundations, businesses, grassroots initiatives, social enterprises, universities and various levels of government. 

She has a special interest in supporting women changemakers, and was involved in the creation of Minerva Foundation’s Combining Our Strength program for Aboriginal Women’s leadership. Darcy has also worked in campaign roles with Sierra Club of British Columbia and ForestEthics to protect coastal rainforests and shift markets towards sustainable products. She has a BSc in Geography & Environmental Studies, and an MA in Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness. Darcy currently serves as the board chair for Plan Institute.