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Ola Tjornbo's research interests are primarily focused on social innovation, social-ecological transformation, governance and complexity, and social media and virtual social networks.

Research interests 

Ola's work centres on the transformation of complex social-ecological systems and social media.  His work combines governance theory and complexity theory to help us understand how we can better manage challenges such as climate change and sustainability. He also uses social innovation theory to explore how our governance systems can change and adapt to a changing external environment and what role social media might play in such transformations.

Current projects

  • A collaboration with the MaRS Solutions Lab to provide research support for the Ontario Food Lab, a multi-stakeholder collaboration to create innovative projects that build the sustainability of the Ontario Food system.
  • The Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR) history project to compile historical case studies of key social innovations.
  • Social innovation and social media, exploring how different social media platforms can be used to support different parts of a social innovation process.


Ola Tjornbo has a MSci from the University of Stockholm in Natural Resource Management, Governance and Globalization and a PhD from the Balsillie School of International Affairs. For the last five years he has had an affiliation with Social Innovation Generation at the University of Waterloo, first as a McConnell fellow of social innovation and currently as a post-doctoral researcher at the Waterloo Institute of Social Innovation and Resilience. 


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Social Innovation Generation Case Study (PDF).  

Tjornbo, O. and F. Westley. 2010. A primer on SiG Case Writing. Social Innovation Generation. 

Curriculum vitae

Ola Tjornbo's academic C.V. (PDF)

Ola Tjornbo's non-academic C.V. (PDF)