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Executive board

WISIR (lien anglais seulement) a accumulé une base de données considérable de connaissances, de contacts et de crédibilité de marque au cours des dernières années durant sa gestion du mouvement du repreneuriat socialement durable. Cependant, les besoins de la communauté, qui comprennent l'accueil d'une grande variété d'intérêts et de possibilités, dépassent de plus en plus la portée et les capacités d'un petit institut de recherche géré par une université.

Afin d'assurer la transition de la communauté de l'acquisition sociale vers un environnement autonome, le WISIR gère la création d'un conseil exécutif qui sera en mesure d'agir au nom de la communauté et de prendre des décisions stratégiques cruciales pour son avenir. Ces volontaires agiront en tant que leaders et héritiers du travail de renforcement des capacités du WISIR pendant la durée du Labo de leadership en patrimoine et di processus d'INCUBATION d'un ''institut" de repreneuriat socialement durable. 

Processus de recrutement du conseil exécutif

WISIR lance un appel public à candidatures pour rejoindre le conseil exécutif d'un institut de repreneuriat socialement durable (lien anglais seulement). Les membres du conseil devront agir en tant que leaders et décideurs au nom de l'ensemble de la communauté du repreneuriat socialement durable. WISIR encourage donc les professionnels qui ont de l'expérience dans la prise de décision et de leadership organisationnel, et qui sont personnellement et professionnellement impliqués dans le travail de la reprise socialement durable, à soumettre leur candidature pour se joindre au conseil.

WISIR gérera le processus de recrutement du conseil dans les conditions suivantes :

  1. En dehors d'avoir le volonté de signer un protocole d'accord avec WISIR dans lequel ils ou elles acceptent certaines conditions afin d'avoir accès aux dossiers historiques non-sensibles à WISIR concernant les travaux sur le repreneuriat socialement durable, il n'y a pas de critères d'éligibilité pour soumettre une candidature. 
  2. Il y aura un minimum de quatre membres du conseil exécutif et un maximum de sept membres. Si plus de sept candidatures sont soumises, WISIR organisera des élections publiques. S'il y a moins de quatre candidatures, WISIR annoncera la dissolution de ses efforts d'INCUBATION. 
  3. WISIR publiera toutes les candidatures finales et annoncera le conseil d'administration final. 
  4. WISIR sollicitera un facilitateur impartial pour présider les deux premières réunions du conseil, et sera disponible pour aider à la transition de l'infrastructure hors des bases de données de l'université.  
  5. WISIR agira en tant que conseiller principal et partenaire du conseil entre la première et la deuxième réunion du conseil. 
  6. À la fin de la deuxième réunion du conseil, le WISIR aura transféré toutes les ressources nécessaires au conseil et cessera complètement d'héberger les travaux de l'institut de repreneuriat socialement durable, mais continuera d'agir en tant que partenaire clé du conseil. 

La date limite pour soumettre votre candidature étair le 2 mars 2022. Les résultats de l'appel est ci-dessous.

Candidat Organisation Location Langues parlées Déclaration d'intérêt
Mike Raber 100 Million Strong SPC Milwaukee WI, USA English I am #1 International Bestselling Business Author, Speaker & Coach. My skills and capabilities of leadership, building relationships, growing different businesses, and writing a book with my daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids helped to make me the father, business, and wealth architect I am today.

I am continually perfecting my skills in the areas of financial management, leadership & business development around the many challenges faced by small business owners. I offer a bonus of having a real estate, business, insurance, and financial planning background.
We are a member based social purpose corporation. Are Primary goal is to serve our community through educational and financial support. We will continue to find new innovative ways to bring much needed resources, services, and educational programs designed to other social or community focused businesses and organizations while still earning a profit allowing for further expansion and fulfillment of our mission. 
Our primary goal is to change the social and economic footprint, and way many small business and entrepreneurs start beginning and grow their businesses. We believe in a fully inclusive and collaborative community of members, professionals, and entrepreneurs working together to make a positive impact in our local communities and the world.

Connect with me here -
Adrian Bohach Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia English I have had the privilege of being a pioneer of the Social Enterprise movement in Canada, and elsewhere in the world, for the last almost 35 years.  I would like to see the good work that WISIR has done for Social Acquisition up to now continue and grow into new and exciting vistas.
Peter Frampton The Learning Enrichment Foundation Toronto English As a 30 year employee of LEF (15 as Executive Director) I have worked in a community that is completely transforming due to a major transit hub.  As a founding agency of The Canadian CED Network, I have spent most of my career in this space.  Social Acquisitions are an ESSENTIAL component of local economic renewal, and I am happy to share what I know to ensure this resource continues and grows in its impact.
Meg Ronson CoopZone Toronto, ON English, French I am a 31-year-old woman leader in economic development, social enterprise and co-op development who has built and led the social acquisition movement over the last three years thanks to the hard work of fellow team members and the support and confidence of many friends and mentors. I am adept at speaking many different kinds of value propositions in this space and am a skilled market developer. I look forward to forming a professional collective of forward-thinking leaders who will be willing and able to take the social acquisition opportunity to new heights to help our small businesses transition into a more sustainable future and all Canadian and Indigenous communities access equity.
David Upton Comon Good Solutions CIC Kingsport, Halifax and Cape Breton Regional Mun, Nova Scotia English I am an older white man, my two sons, son-in-law and two of my grandsons are Nunavut Beneficiaries. I have been through a social acquisition process.  I deeply understand finance and commercial lending and have worked most of my professional life in rural settings. My hope is that we can help purchasers focus on the key metrics required to finance a takeover, have SA become a regular part of succession planning, and promote the its value in rural cummunities.
Yasser Ghazi Ottawa, ON English Yasser Ghazi, 33 years old, Director of Commercial Services at Meridian Credit Union and have been leading the diversified commercial banking growth in Ottawa for Meridian Credit Union.

Currently, I also sit on the board of directors for the Ottawa Board of Trade and Young Professional Advisory Board for Cornerstone Housing for Women.

I first heard of the social acquisition movement as well as the work of Innovation Lab at Waterloo University through Meg Ronson at the NACCA event at Ottawa.  As success and growth through resilience during these economic times is something I've been working on with the city as well as through my organizations, I've taken a passion towards this item as well.

I've had discussions with Ottawa city members on municiple buyout/take over projects and ideas in the past and would love to continue this work through collaboration with the board of the social acquisition community and see a social net positive growth in our communities.
Mark Shields Edmonton, AB English I am excited to submit this application to join the executive board of the Social Acquisition Institute. The advancement of social acquisitions is certainly something I see as crucial to Canada's economic sustainability, and equally full of potential for community economic development.

A bit about me, I am currently working as the Program Manager for the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network, my role is to bring cohesion and provide administration to a network of 80+ members all in some way assisting the development of innovative and technological businesses in our city. I lead new initiatives, facilitate member meetings, provide support to programs and advocate for the innovation sector in the community. The ERIN is a collective decision-making body, with an elected steering committee and subcommittees which regularly make decisions by consensus.

As the holder of a history degree with a lifelong interest in social organization I have a fascination with co-operative models, particularly in business. I actively participate in many co-operatives. I am familiar with the notion of social enterprise and have spent several years as a business strategist working directly with entrepreneurs in developing visions, values and plans for their businesses.

I developed my love of community building as a volunteer member of, and later Program Director for CJSW Radio in Calgary, one of Canada' most successful community radio stations in terms of fundraising and with a membership of over 200. Identifying primarily as a white male, working within this fantastically diverse community has helped me see the place of listening and space-holding that I occupy among my peers of all different identities and types, how diversity weaves a powerful fabric among individuals, and how different people can cohere around a shared goal.

I recognize that taking the amazing work done by the L3 community will face challenges - the need to ensure the necessary resources are obtained to sustain its activities, to create an appropriate and effective governance structure - but two things give me full confidence this will come to fruition. The palpable excitement that comes from the foundation of something truly new, and the powerful impression the work already done by WISIR has left on people like me, who participated along the way and recognized the impact, both potential and real.

I would be honoured to contribute to these next steps at the board level, to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and viewpoints, and even more so to have the opportunity to listen to and consider the viewpoints of the other esteemed members that this initiative will certainly draw.

For that reason and all I've stated above, I humbly submit this application. And regardless of my selection I very much look forward to the development of the Social Acquisition Institute, and the impact it is sure to make in the Canadian economy.

Mark Shields
Daphne March ShaMaSha St. John’s English Age: 57 years young, female, Indigenous… I been part of the community from the beginning. Did two interview with students that was working with the project and attendance of meeting. I am interested because I am learning so much, and Community & leadership is so welcoming. This is great work and love to part of it to bring more awareness to my community and partners in Canada.
Erin Morgan Ontario Co-operative Association Inc. Guelph, Ontario English Thank you for considering my application to sit on the board of directors.

My name is Erin Morgan and I have been the executive director of the Ontario Co-operative Association since 2016. I will bring my strengths in team leadership, collaboration, government relations, strategic planning, people management and co-operation to my role on the board if elected.

I have had many years of experience in co-operation and collective decision making, beginning in 2001 when I held my first job as Member Relations Manager with an organic farmers’ co-operative that produced the Organic Meadow line of products. After more than 15 years working in communications, government relations and public relations with various member-based organizations in Ontario’s agricultural sector, I came back to the co-operative movement to lead the team at OCA.

Over the last five years, the team at the Ontario Co-operative Association has doubled OCA’s membership, worked with government to make key updates to the Co-operative Corporations Act, created new experiential learning opportunities for school aged youth, diversified the income of the organization and elevated the organization’s online presence. We are now working with our many member co-operatives to collaboratively address opportunities in Ontario to do better through affordable housing, new approaches to care, and new ideas to build wealth in marginalized communities.

I hope to participate on the board to keep the OCA connected to the innovative ideas that come from this community and bring the opportunities and resources from the co-operative movement to the board.
Carla Leon The United Church of Canada Toronto ON English Social acquisitions are at the tip of iceberg in organizations' understanding of what is possible. This mechanism is going to see a surge over the next decade as community wealth building and new models for social enterprise are explored.  This is a critical ecosystem that needs to be supported and grown that I would be passionate about being part of.  As the Director of Innovation for The United Church of Canada over the last 10 years, we have focused on supporting social innovations from concept to seed funding to growth to sustainability. We have created a for-profit development corporation and now are creating a social purpose holding company. The United Church of Canada is a consensus-based governance structure which is committed to self-determination. Community organizing and putting people first is fundamental in how we work with and see each other. By being on the board, I would hope to bring this lens of a national, grassroots organization.
Stephanie Goertz Wilmot, ontario English I am a 39-year-old caucasian female.  I am currently on the board/executive/decision-making team for 50by30 Waterloo Region, Nith Valley Eco Boosters (policy lead and advisor for the NVEB youth advocates), Ecumencial working group for Indigenous and Settler Relationships, Food System Roundtable of Waterloo Region, Citizens for Safe Ground Water, Wilmot Horticultural Society (as well as policy lead and programs lead), Waterloo Region Health Coalition. previous board member in 2021 of Gravel Watch Ontario. I am also an ambassador for Climate Reality Project Canada and Climate interactive.  I have been working in the area of community and economic development for the past 9 years. I have also run 2 co-working spaces focused on collective action.   I am interested in being on the board because I strongly believe more support is needed for rural municipalities and that social acquisition could be used to not only help businesses become more successful but act as a catalyst for community engagement/social capital.  My hope would be that this board could leverage key community stakeholders such as municipalities, boards of trades, and other business support organizations to make an impact in our communities.
Kevin Harding Vancouver, BC English, French As a white male settler living on the unceded and stolen territories of the Coast Salish peoples including the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tseleil-Watuth in what is called Vancouver, British Columbia, I was honoured to be referred to this opportunity by a friend and colleague.  The potential for a social acquisition institute to act as a community catalyst in building socially responsible, community responsive, impact-oriented and driving organizations is immense, and I would be pleased to bring my experience to the board.

I bring a combination of experiences to the table as someone who could contribute to the board.  I have worked extensively in the cooperative sector supporting worker co-ops, credit unions, and other cooperative organizations develop their plans and expand their impact.  I am currently a PhD student at the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy studying the potential for cooperatives as social enterprises to make impacts in their communities.  I have worked with innovative cooperatives in British Columbia, including the development of the first community investment cooperative in BC, a new model that is making waves in localizing impact investment.

In my professional life, I am a senior policy analyst for a provincial agency in British Columbia where I regularly advance legislative and regulatory proposals to advance the public interest in my  policy domain.  I serve on the board of a nonprofit community organization in Vancouver dedicated to ocean sports. I have organized and served on boards of multiple cooperative organizations.

I am particularly influenced by the potential of a Social Acquisition Institute to help promote community assets and community investments through cooperative models.  As the first "social enterprise" model, cooperatives have had tremendous impacts across Canada - in English, in French, and in communities large and small.  As we enter complex economic times with business owners looking to transition to retirement and community businesses looking for ways to continue their work, "exit to community" is a pathway that deserves serious consideration - and should honestly be a default move.

I would be pleased to contribute to this project.
Ken Lewenza Collective Innovation - Public Interest Economic & Social Purpose Development Cooperative Windsor Ontario English Please note that I am looking forward to really taking the time to assemble information here that can help organizers or core stakeholders make a more informed decision about what I can potentially contribute to this board in way that makes sense for everyone involved. So I will assume for now that I can submit something more formal and capacity oriented in the very near future - your support and consideration in this area would be greatly appreciated.
Greg Elliott Co-operators Guelph, Ontario English I believe we are at an opportune moment in time to leverage the benefits of social purpose organizations, including the co-operative model, to address business continuity challenges that exist, while simultaneously seeking to address complex societal challenges to enhance community resilience.

I am interested to be part of the Board overseeing a social acquisition ‘institute’, striving to establish a network that enables social acquisitions to flourish on a larger scale. I think it is essential that the Board be comprised of individuals with diverse skill-sets and backgrounds, in order to ensure a range of perspectives are represented.

I have worked at Co-operators for 25 years and in my current role as Senior Advisor, Citizenship, work closely with the Board of Directors of Co-operators Community Funds, which is dedicated to supporting community economic development initiatives that lead to enhanced employability outcomes for marginalized individuals. I also manage our Co-operative Development Program, supporting the growth of emerging and existing co-operatives that are responding to the collective needs of Canadians. I firmly believe that social finance is an important tool for mobilizing capital in a manner that benefits society. 

Volunteer opportunities have furthered my leadership and collective decision-making experience. For the past eight years, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Guelph Business Association, and prior to this served on the Board of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.

Racial/gender identity: White male
Victor Beausoleil SETSI (Social Economy Through Social Inclusion) Toronto, Ontario English 38 years old, male, African Canadian,

Interested in advancing succession and social acquisitions in Canada especially in BIPOC communities.


At the age of 24 Victor Beausoleil Co-Founded Redemption Reintegration Services one of the largest youth-led, youth justice agencies in Canada. In 2013 Victor Beausoleil received his first public service appointment by the Premiere of Ontario Kathleen Wynne as a member of the PCYO (Premiere’s Council on Youth Opportunities).

Victor has worked diligently in the broader equity seeking communities across Canada for the past nineteen years.
As a lecturer Victor Beausoleil has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, UK and Africa for speaking engagements for community organizations, institutions and philanthropic foundations.

Victor Beausoleil has been a board member of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, a member of the grant review committee's of the Laidlaw Foundation, and the Toronto Community Housing Social Investment Fund.

Victor is currently on the board of directors for the Toronto Community Benefits Network, The Board President of CCEDnet - The Canadian Community Economic Development Network, on the loan review committee for the Fair Finance Fund, on the advisory of the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners, on the advisory of New Power Labs/Marigold Capital and on the board of REAC - the Regional Ethno- Advisory Council for Corrections Services Canada.

The Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, Share Newspaper and The Caribbean Camera, have all highlighted Victor Beausoleil’s work in communities across Canada. Victor Beausoleil is currently the CEO of Intuit Consulting and the founder and Executive Director of SETSI – The Social Economy Through Social Inclusion Coalition. Victor has written eleven books and is a Husband and Father of four brilliant children.
Anastasia Mourogova Millin Dark Matter Labs Montreal QC English, French Age: 41; Gender: female (she/ her); racial identity: white Caucasian (first generation Canadian immigrant);
Professional background: corporate banking, impact banking, sustainable finance, impact investing, global capital innovation.

Experience with leadership and collective decision-making: At Dark Matter Labs (Dm), we do not believe in hierarchies nor forced roles & identities nor attribution of value based on ones' pay. As such, being a strong female leader in Dm means much more than just relying on a title and industry experience. Rather, it invokes my inherent abilities to deliver informed recommendations and create pathways for Dm colleagues to contribute their inputs, so that together we could reach necessary agreements and proceed with decisions. At Dm, I regard myself as capital & real estate missions holder - in service of other missions, external partnerships and solutions that ideally address the challenges faced by our world. This requires me to ensure that every project under the missions attracts diverse voices and expertise, both within the organization as well as amongst wider eco-system.

Experience with social acquisitions: in my role as Director of Lending and Market Development at Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) - first schedule A impact bank in Canada, I have structured $250-million in loans to impact businesses; an example of impact deal would be a loan to finance the launching of operations for the first bio gas producer in Ontario; a not-for-profit acquiring a real estate asset; an energy co-op; and a BCorp looking to invest into internal ESOP structure.  I have a thorough understanding of needed due diligence for both debt and equity investments into businesses as well as real estate assets.

Reasons for being interested in being on the board:
1. Respect for WISIR mission and vision;
2. Agreement with Social Acquisition Initiative;
3. Necessary experience in leadership: in corporate sector, philanthropic sector, and non-extractive discovery enterprise.
4. Depth of knowledge in debt financing and acquisition as well as equity investments.
5. Current role that is focuses on innovating global capital models and creating products that allow rapid transition of our economy and governance systems.

1. Empowering social acquisition strategy to amplify transition of Canadian businesses towards sustainability - thus building resilience of Canadian economy, and moving away from market sectors that are currently augmenting future negative externalities for Canada and the world.
2. Bringing a diverse voice, depth of experience, and global knowledge to the board.
3. Creating pathways for scale, through understanding of risks and manifestation of returns and positive spillover values.
4. Sharing best practices with the community as well as learning from fellow board members.
Liz MacRae Village Wellth Calgary, AB English I am a 36 year old, caucasian woman from Atlantic Canada, living in Alberta. My background is in marketing, non-profit, entrepreneurship, transaction services and tech.

I am passionate about connecting acquisition & succession resources and services with patrons who need them from across the country. Sharing knowledge and tools can help create efficiencies in the acquisition ecosystem so that more ownership transitions can be completed successfully.

Social Acquisitions are fascinating to me. As a certified Exit Planner I teach the various exit strategies available. Social acquisition is an underrepresented exit option. It interests me to be a part of the social acquisition movement as it evolves and finds a home in existing knowledge centres.

Bridging the gap between business owners and succession solutions is a daily focus for me as Head of Partnerships at Village Wellth.

As a member of the board I would hope to see a communal resource strategy that is available across the country, bridging the provincial divides and inconsistent access to services & programming. As well, ongoing awareness to the advisor ecosystem of the strategies available for social acquisition.
Ghani Kolli Credo Blainville, Québec English, French, Arabe, Amazigh L’économie canadienne est composée de PME. Le nombre d’entreprises sans relevés est tellement élevé. L’innovation et économie sociale ainsi que l’entrepreneuriale collectif  sont des sujets qui m’interpellent beaucoup tant en tant qu’entrepreneur qu’en tant que professionnel de l’impact et de l’économie regenerative.

Hâte de pouvoir co-créer des point d’inflexion vers une économie canadienne durable.
Mathieu Vigneault Coopérative de développement régionale du Québev Québec French Je suis directeur générale de la CDRQ. La CDRQ est la principale organisation d’accompagnement de l’entreprise collective au Québec mandaté par le Ministère de l’économie. Partenaire privilégié du CTEQ, nous sommes interpellés pour intervenir dans les cas de reprises collectives.
Simon Durand Groupe Convex Prescott-Russell Hawkesbury, ON English, French j'occuppe des postes de direction depuis maintenant 15 et j'agis en tant que DG de Groupe Convex depuis maintenant 3 ans. Je suis détenteur d'un MBA de l'Université d'Ottawa.
Dans le cadre de mes fonctions chez Groupe Convex, j'assure la gestion et la supervision de 7 entreprises d'économie sociale et je complète présentement le processus d'acquisition d'une entreprise privée afin de la convertir en ES.
le mandat de groupe Convex est d'offrir des opportunités d'emploi et de développement des compétences aux personnes vivant en situation de handicap, principalement en déficience intellectuelle.  De part mes expériences récentes et mon bilinguisme, je crois avoir une bonne valeur ajoutée à apporter au Conseil.