PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering

Yue Zhao profile photoYue is a PhD student in the Transportation Engineering Program in Civil Engineering. She graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours BES in Geomatics with a minor in Computer Science in 2015 and a MSc in Geography in 2017.

Her master’s thesis, entitled "Evaluation of safety effects of roundabouts in the Region of Waterloo: inclement weather and conversion", evaluated the safety effects of converting signal-controlled intersections to modern roundabouts and examined the potential effects of inclement weather on roundabout safety.

Prior to joining WPTI, she worked as a research associate on a Highway Infrastructure Innovation Funding Program with Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO), focused on developing climate severity factors affecting equipment complement of area maintenance contracts.

Her research interests focus on how autonomous vehicles can integrate with public transport and shared mobility, how autonomous vehicles will influence travel behavior, and how to use data analytics and statistical models to understand disaggregate travel behavior. 

Yue is supervised by Jeff Casello and Jean Andrey.

University of Waterloo
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