Web Dev Rev wrap-up for January 19, 2018

WCMS Web Dev RevThis week, we looked at the following Web Dev Rev notes: what's new on Drupal.org for December 2017; dates for Drupal 8.5.0's alpha and final releases; things learned in Drupal's 17 years and Drupal turns 17; how it's never "just" a patch; understanding Drupal's release cycle; how the Drupal 8 version of the Webform module now depends on the Contribute module; open source with a cap in hand; the Spectre attack and critical CSS; what's new in HTML 5.2; using the new dialog element; and Mozilla will be requiring secure contexts everywhere.

Next up, we started by New York City council member Benjamin J. Kallos present "Drupal & Webforms as Public Policy Tools Supporting Online Voter Registration", a segment from a December Drupal NYC meetup (the entire meeting is embedded below, but the clip should start approximately from Benjamin's presentation).

Following that, we watched "Help Test New Firefox DevTools for CSS Shapes, Clip Path, Flexbox and Grid" from Jen Simmons.

Finally, we watched the first video from the new Layout Land channel, "Incredibly Easy Layouts with CSS Grid", also presented by Jen Simmons.

The next Web Dev Rev will be Friday, January 26th. Note that this week and next we'll be in a special location, but at the regular time: EC2 3034 (Kilimanjaro) at 11:00am.