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WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 29, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev

After last week's Web Dev Rev had to be cancelled due to technical difficulties, we have a plethora of Web Dev Rev notes. In the Drupal field: an introduction to the Chatbot API for Drupal 8; thoughts on Drupal certification from the UK's first Drupal 8 "Grand Master"; the top 50 most wanted Drupal 8 contrib modules; what's new on in August; the evolution of Paragraphs; building conditional paths in Pathauto; letting editors choose the view mode of entity references; Dries on Drupal's collective purpose and his state of Drupal presentation; a practical look at powering chatbots with Drupal; and Views in Drupal 8.4.0 can now display computed fields.

WCMS update for September 2017

In this issue:

  • Benefits of accessible websites
  • Co-op student resources
  • Need WCMS training ASAP?

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 1, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev

It's another week with lots of notes, since many of the WCMS team just got back from Drupal North. We looked at: the Drupal North group photo; the fact that Drupal North videos were already online; command line accessibility testing with Pa11y; proto-CSS languages from the early days of the web; the CSS text-justify property for controlling how spacing is handled; SVG gotchas; building better background photos; a collection of design resources (at the .party domain!); Smashing Magazine's series of "designing the perfect..." articles for sliders, accordions, date/time pickers, and feature comparison tables; a CSS trick for curved text along a path; a different article on implementing a slider well; new additions to the CSS grid inspector in Firefox Nightly; a wide-reaching collection of cool tools for various functions; some tips on interviewing for web developers (from both sides of the table); all about pair programming; the options for programmatically documenting CSS; renaming a font in CSS (ask for Arial, get Comic Sans!); the final death of Flash; next steps for connection security; Google starts penalizing intrusive interstitials; the CSS :focus-within pseudo-selector; Web Developer for Chrome compromised; simple SASS mixins for CSS grid backwards compatibility; what the web can do today; "above the fold" is a myth (FYI); and finally, an example of the webkitdirectory attribute to allow uploading entire folders at once.

WCMS update for August 2017

In this issue:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique
  • WCMS training for co-op students
  • WCMS migration to responsive

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for August 18, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, Web Dev Rev guest host Lily Yan brought forward the following Drupal-related Web Dev Rev notes: what's new on for July 2017; Drupal 8.3.7 was released to fix a security issue; an invitation to join the Drupal Community Spotlight Committee; a look at the Drupal out of the box experience initiative; and Drupal 8.4.0-beta1 was released.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for August 11, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev

We have a lot of notes this week, since we've had a few weeks off from Web Dev Rev: working on a migration path from Drupal 7's Workbench Moderation to Drupal 8's Content Moderation in core; experimental modules' status towards Drupal 8.4.0 release and the detailed document; an article suggesting Drupal 8 migrators stop using Features; noting that the Bibliography module has an open security issue; what's new on for June 2017; what to expect from Drupal 8.4.0; the Lightning Drupal 8 distribution is intended "to create great authoring experiences and empower editorial teams"; one developer's top 5 lessons learned working with Drupal 8; per Lullabot, three things every Drupal site needs to kick ass; a look at a Drupal 8 admin theme, Eleven (video below); migrating Drupal 7 redirects to Drupal 8; changes to workflow plugins in Drupal 8.4.0; a Drupal modules card matching game; the Coffee module brings quick Spotlight-style keyboard navigation to the admin interface; how Drupal 8 leaves small non-profits behind and how to fix it; Internet Explorer 9 & 10 support dropped from Drupal 8.4.x; an easy way to create a modal in Drupal 8; using Google's Perspective API in Drupal to determine the "toxicity" of content; Better Field Descriptions module provides a way for end users to maintain help text; Rabbit hole module lets you lock down viewing of entities; getting "SEO juice" from JSON LD structured data; dealing with a giant cache_render table in Drupal 8; Mediacurrent's Drupal theme generator; and finally, Drupal 8 activity cards to help you learn Drupal 8.

WCMS update for July 2017

In this issue:

  • The importance of good quality data
  • WCMS training for co-op students
  • Drop-in lab availability for August
  • ​Reminder: WCMS migration to responsive cut-off date – August 31, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 21, 2017

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, Web Dev Rev guest host Chris Shantz brought forward the following Drupal-related Web Dev Rev notes: Larry Garfield responds to last week's Drupal Association statement; take the Drupal Community Governance Summit survey; and finally, Drupal 8.4.0 release plans.