Guiding principles

What problem are we trying to solve?

Campus users of various skill and experience levels need to create accessible web content in as low-friction way as possible.


Our core values

Why choose the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS)

  • an easy to use web-interface
  • optimal viewing experience on any┬ádevice
  • helps to ensure accessibility and usability
  • promotes a common university look across sites
  • no software to purchase or servers to manage


  • Take a user-centred, data-driven approach to continuously improve the WCMS product and its associated services


  • Be the first-choice platform for campus users who want to publish accessible web content as easily as possible


  • Protect the core product
  • Deliver exceptional user experience
  • Accessibility through inclusivity
  • Incremental continuous improvement

University of Waterloo values

We always strive to align our values with the university. Learn more about the University of Waterloo's Strategic plan.