Site owner role

What is a Site owner?

The Site owner is a role within Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) 3. This role is designed specifically to manage site user access as well as configure certain site settings. This means that only Site owners can add, edit, and remove user permissions from a site.

A configuration available to Site owners is the ability to assign content type access per role. This is done on a per-site basis.

Note: This is not a content editing role and therefore does not include access to create or edit content. Site owners who are responsible for editing content will require a content editing role such as a Site manager. 

Who should be a Site owner?

Site owners are the Website lead for the site and an alternate.

In some cases, there may be a need for a third site owner (e.g., larger faculties and departments). We recommend assigning this role to someone who is actively maintaining the website.

Site owners must be permanent or long-term contract staff. Co-op students cannot be Site owners.

What access is specific to a Site owner?

The following permissions are specific to the Site owner role:

  • Add users
  • Edit, assign, and remove content roles from users
  • Edit role permissions
  • Content access
  • Google analytics and site ownership
  • OFIS settings
  • Create/edit shortcuts

Additional responsibilities of a Site owner

  • Complete the WCMS 3 training and stay up to date on new WCMS 3 materials
  • Inform additional Site owner(s) when on vacation as they will be responsible for managing user access in your absence
  • Advise WCMS Training and Support when you are no longer a Site owner

How many Site owners should be on a site?

We recommend no more than three site owners per site.

How do I become a Site owner?

Website leads determine who will be a Site owner. Have your Website lead send in a ticket for additional Site owners.

Note: Only WCMS administrators (the WCMS Training and Support team) can assign and remove Site owners.

Need Help?

Submit a ticket to the WCMS Help portal!