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  1. Apr. 27, 2018SEW099 now available in LEARNSEW099 is now online poster

  2. May 22, 2018UWaterloo Scholar upgrade – May 23

    What is happening? UWaterloo Scholar ( is being upgraded to version 1.5.

    Why is this happening? This is the release of UWaterloo Scholar version 1.5, which adds new features and functionality and fixes some known issues. See the release notes for details.

  3. May 22, 2018UWaterloo Scholar 1.5 release

    All UWaterloo Scholar sites are being upgraded to Drupal 7.59 and UWaterloo Scholar version 1.5. This upgrade is scheduled to be deployed to UWaterloo Scholar production sites overnight on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

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  1. May 24, 2018WCMS Web Form Creation [SEW101]

    In this hands-on course we introduce the WCMS form features and guide you through creating a form, adding form components, configuring email options, and using conditionals and form validation. We'll also talk about security and privacy concerns with collecting data and how you can decide what to collect.

  2. May 30, 2018 Excel Level 2 [SEW092]

    Now that you have mastered the Excel basics, it's time to learn more! Some of the features we will cover include: sorting and filtering, counting cells, viewing spreadsheets, and an introduction to macros.

    The lab has Microsoft Excel 2016 Windows although Excel Mac users may benefit as well.

  3. May 31, 2018 Intro to PowerPoint [SEW137]

    Microsoft PowerPoint is an electronic program that enables you to create an organized and helpful visual aid for your presentations, or to include additional audio and graphical content for your audience. This course begins by introducing you to the basics many people overlook, important resources, and a hands-on approach to assist you with learning how to create a professional slide show.

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  1. May 18, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 18, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week, Web Dev Rev guest host Eric Bremner brought forward Drupal-related Web Dev Rev notes and a video on Media in Drupal 8 Core. Click through to read the whole blog post...

  2. May 11, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 11, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week at Web Dev Rev, we had notes including a Drupal 8 gender field and what's new in browsers, then we finished the series of videos about Webform in Drupal 8, and compared modern layout to old-school publishing. Click through to read the whole blog post...

  3. May 4, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 4, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week at Web Dev Rev, we had notes on new Drupal things and new HTML5 attributes, followed by still more videos about Webform in Drupal 8. Click through to read the whole blog post...

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