Request a site

Step 1: Site ownership

The first step in requesting a website is to determine who will be responsible for the website.

Determine Site owner(s)

As the Website lead, you will be given the Site owner role on your Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) website. Additional Site owners (1-3) are recommended to help manage the site. The Site owner role is not an editing content role. Site owners will need to have additional roles applied to their account.

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Step 2: Planning

The second step in requesting a site is to make a plan.

The planning process

The following steps must be completed by the Website lead in the planning process:

  1. Confirm that the site meets the Guidelines for use. This includes reviewing any additional WCMS Guidelines and Waterloo web policies that may be reflected on your site (ex. E-commerce, information and security, etc.).
  2. Review Accessibility.
  3. Decide on the Site title, URL, and optional short URL(s). Remember to follow our guidelines for URLs.
  4. Select optional Site owner(s) to include.
  5. Plan a tentative launch date.
  6. Note any additional information such as, will the site be authenticated (restricted access), what information will be included, will you need web forms, etc.

Remember! WCMS websites are not meant to be an archive of information. They should be a tool to display and showcase resources and information that visitors of your site are looking for. Always think of the user experience. The larger the site, the harder it is to find information and maintain.


Training is required for all users of the WCMS before creating a WCMS website. If you have not done so already, please complete this training prior to sending in a request. This includes any additional Site owners, or site maintainers that will be working on your WCMS site.

Step 3: Request a site

The third and final step is to have the Website lead send in a request.

Send in your site request

You are the Website lead and have determined additional Site owners. You are knowledgeable about site guidelines and compliance. You have completed your WCMS training and are ready to design a website.

Great! You can now send in a site request via the WCMS Help portal!