The Website lead

Site management tasks are complex and varied. It is recommended that one person be responsible for the holistic approach to the management and maintenance of a website.

For Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) sites, the Guidelines for use of the WCMS state: A designated faculty member or regular staff person; (authorized by the department) must be assigned as Website lead and Site owner.

Main responsibilities

  • Requesting WCMS websites, changes (site redo, name change), and deletions.
  • Planning and managing creation and maintenance of the website.
  • Managing access to the website and assigning areas of responsibility. This includes determining additional Site owner(s).
  • Ensuring users have taken the appropriate training.
  • Ensuring quality and compliance: usability and accessibility; copyright and other legal compliance; consistent with University policy and guidelines; best practice.
  • Coordinating and delegating web tasks.
  • Advising the WCMS team when there is a change in Website lead through the WCMS Help portal.

Skills required

The following skills are required for users performing site management tasks:

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