WCMS 2.9.1 release

Thursday, January 14, 2021

All WCMS "FDSU", single page, conference and publication sites are being upgraded to WCMS 2.9.1, a maintenance release.

This upgrade is scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Monday, January 18, and to production sites starting on Monday, January 25.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Responsive sites

Note: Some of these changes may also apply to Single Page, Conference and Publication sites.


  • added support for "G-" codes in Google Analytics config, to provide support for Google Analytics 4, with a note that this will not work on Conference sites


  • fixed error when site footer did not exist
  • updated Tint support use new configuration
  • fixed issue preventing login on sites with Chinese characters in the URL
  • fixed issue causing errors with Calls to action when select information was missing
  • updated OFIS module to support a change in business logic
  • improved validation for Google codes
  • renamed "Applied Health Sciences" to "Health" in as many spots as possible
  • updated site-specific search to prevent results from different subdomains
  • updated CKEditor to the latest version
  • numerous contrib module updates

Theming changes

  • removed display of placeholders on the Catalogs listing page
  • fixed link display on the Catalogs listing page so they are the same size and font as the surrounding text
  • fixed log in/out links on "generic" sites so they do not wrap to two lines
  • removed extra padding when Facts and figures did not have icons
  • slightly changed text of territorial acknowledgement, replacing "promised" with "granted"
  • renamed "media" to "news" in the global footer

Publication sites


  • fixed renaming issues so that, going forward, renaming an issue will display the new name everywhere
  • fixed an issue where the wrong page could be set as the home page if a different taxonomy term shared the name of an issue

Single Page


  • restored missing fields for local video when Vimeo support is not enabled
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