WCMS 3.0.2 release

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

All WCMS 3 sites have been upgraded to WCMS 3.0.2. (A previous release, 3.0.1, only contained improvements to migration scripts and was only applied to new sites.)

Separate from this release, a fix has been deployed to allow Instagram embeds to display.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • Reformat/style the login page
  • Implement find and replace in the editor
  • Add support for generic theming options
  • Enable anti-spam measures on forms by default
  • Make hero image a separate field from listing page image, for all content types that use it
  • Add source view tools for code colouring and cursor position to the editor
  • Allow content maintainers to set sticky and promote to front page options, for all content types that use it
  • Add optional "read all" link below content types in multi-type list blocks (enabled by default)


  • Hide "revision information" on layout builder page since it's disabled anyway
  • Fix sizing issues when images are resized in the editor
  • Fix alignment issues when images are aligned in the editor
  • Fix overflow issue when right-aligned images are towards the end of a copy block
  • Improve sending of emails from forms
  • Ensure tabs changes to catalogs are reflected on listing pages
  • Ensure catalog items do not display information from tabs that are not selected
  • Remove donation link when deleting revisions
  • Fix permissions to access the content access form, and to update media
  • Fix sorting of events, blog posts, and news items
  • Make multi-type list blocks respect the number selected to display, instead of always displaying 3
  • Remove menu links that are not accessible by the user
  • Fix HTML output on catalogs listing page
  • Fix things showing multiple times on catalogs listing page
  • Remove pagination from listing blocks
  • Fix error when attempting to view revisions of a node
  • Fix internal links entered in fields so they correctly link to the destination
  • Remove display of event location information when nothing has been entered
  • Ensure changes to news/events/blogs are immediately reflected in the multi-type list block
  • Add node revision limits for content types that were missing them

Theming changes

  • Add theming for all fields in events
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