WCMS 3.1.1 release

Thursday, December 9, 2021

All WCMS 3 sites have been upgraded to WCMS 3.1.1.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • Added support for authenticated webforms (initially only for newly-created forms - it will not display the correct messaging on existing forms)
  • Added support for submission limits on webform elements with options (e.g. select lists, checkboxes, and radios)
  • Added an XML sitemap to all sites


  • Fixed media images in copy blocks not reliably displaying
  • Defaulted Webform confirmations to inline
  • Made required fields in the Mailman block actually required
  • Fixed pages failing when a referenced image is removed from the system
  • Fixed issue where some roles were unable to access the dashboard when select content existed on the site
  • Fixed ability to view previous revisions of content
  • Added a "no results" message for contacts in line with the other content types
  • Fixed issue where Webform could not send HTML emails

Theming changes

  • Matched font sizings on banners with WCMS 2
  • Fixed issue where banners would not get the correct styling on some content types
  • Removed excess padding from items in sidebars
  • Fixed hero images appearing at low resolution
  • Fixed date and title not getting proper styling when there was a hero image but not a listing page image
  • Improved the appearance of the circle around the home icon
  • Fixed images appearing distorted when they were bigger than the container
  • Adjusted theming for contacts, in particular to show the image beside rather than above the content on the listing page, and to show the image on the content page
  • Improved theming methodology

Migration fixes

  • Fixed site footers not migrating
  • Improved migration of links to files
  • Fixed field references to files
  • Improved migration of blockquote attributions containing HTML
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