WCMS 3.1.4 release

Monday, March 14, 2022

All WCMS 3 sites have been upgraded to WCMS 3.1.4.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • Added grid (thumbnail) option to image galleries
  • Updated "full width image" block to be the more generic "image" block, where images can either be full width or explicitly sized and aligned
  • Added support to webform for client side validation and a text counter
  • Added support for different list style types (e.g. roman numerals, etc.)
  • Made link autocomplete in the visual editor able to find media (images and files) on the site


  • Fixed instances where information collected in some fields (e.g. job titles, associated images, etc.) was not displaying on the page. If you manually added these things, you will have to remove them to avoid duplication.
  • Added an automatic expiry for the administrator role (and any future roles that may be automatically assigned)
  • Fixed issue where site home pages might show the full path, when the path was not set to /home
  • Fixed inability to edit blocks after reverting to a previous revision
  • Prevented dashboard from showing blocks for every piece of created content when adding blocks
  • Made Active Directory groups for authenticated webforms be case-insensitive
  • Made "login destination" work when passed to ADFS login
  • Separated the image field in contacts so you can separately specify a listing page image and a "node" image
  • Fixed a loophole that did not enforce the password policy when creating local logins when certain roles were used (ADFS password policy was always enforced)
  • Added service hour notes field to service content type
  • Added support for exceptions to service hours in the service content type
  • Added meta tag section to opportunities
  • Ensured all content types that create pages are included in the sitemap
  • Ensured all content types that create pages can use both the "information for" and main menus
  • Prevented some errors when images in use by blocks have been removed
  • Made fieldsets on node edit forms be collapsible
  • Fixed issue where contact links on the contact listing page would link to the listing page instead of the intended destination
  • Fixed added ">" character when certain links were added
  • Made site footer and blank black footer bar visible with generic theming
  • Fixed all day events not showing as all day in multi-type list blocks

Theming changes

  • Improved the appearance of image galleries
  • Fixed full-width images in full-width sections causing a scroll bar
  • Updated the colouring for the home icon
  • Adjusted banners so the entire block is clickable when there is a link
  • Adjusted the banner hover effect to match WCMS 2
  • Moved the banner text box below the image, instead of on top, and removed the transparency effect
  • Adjusted multiple image banners to work and display as in WCMS 2
  • Ensured proper attributes are added to the <img> tag inside <picture> elements
  • Changed the icon representing filters

Migration fixes

  • Added automatically-generated "name for sorting purposes" when migrating contacts
  • Added site path to link migration for files
  • Fixed migrating fields with the "or other" option enabled
  • Fixed migrating audiences for events/news/blogs
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