WCMS 3.1.6 release

Thursday, April 7, 2022

All WCMS 3 sites have now been upgraded to WCMS 3.1.6.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Release notes


  • Added support for scheduled publishing and unpublishing of content (note that initially the actual publishing/unpublishing time may be delayed for up to 1 hour, but we will be adding support for quicker responses soon)
  • Added the "project" content type
  • Added the schema.org "service" type to the available metatags for the service content type
  • Added overlay to display full images when image gallery items are clicked
  • Added image gallery options to control number of images to display, and navigation options, when the carousel type is selected
  • Added support for the colour schemes for the University Colleges
  • Renamed "link to contact" to "synchronize with contact" for profiles, to better indicate the intent, and added a new "link to contact" field to allow for a WCMS 2-style link
  • Added the Mailchimp block
  • Added the Social Intents block


  • Fixed issue where Role Expiry settings would appear and immediately vanish, when creating a user
  • Made the content description for the service content be required on publish, to match the other content types
  • Ensured clicking outside of any menu closes the menu
  • Restored some missing placeable blocks for the dashboard
  • Updated build process to use Composer 2

Theming changes

  • Made colour of the event date bar be the same colour regardless of whether or not the event repeats
  • Ensured default sections have padding on top when used with a hero image
  • Removed underline on unhovered banner text for older browsers
  • Updated the tooltips and accessible names for the home button, the site name in the header, and the University logo to indicate which home page you are going to

Migration fixes

  • Added support for migrating WCMS 2 thumbnail image galleries to WCMS 3 grid image galleries
  • Added migration for the project content type
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