WCMS 3.2.0 release

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

All WCMS 3 sites are being upgraded to WCMS 3.2.0.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

This release changes the underlying theming technology from Gesso to Ohana. This is a major change, which is why we are releasing this as version 3.2.0. If you spot an omission or change that you do not believe is intentional, please let us know as soon as possible.

Release notes


  • Added teaser and listing blocks for the Contacts content ype


  • Added an option to delete the source file when a Media item is deleted
  • Fixed an issue where authenticated web forms limited using the "specified users" option did not work as expected
  • Prevented URL aliases from being created against reserved paths
  • Fixed an issue where setting content to needs review blocks editing certain items
  • Ensured all users who can access taxonomy editing can use the "reset to alphabetical" option
  • Fixed an issue where content editors could not remove certain items from blocks
  • Removed the ability to set some attributes on webform elements that could cause styling issues
  • Fixed the date formatting in CSV reports
  • Fixed an issue where expand/collapse groups with titles longer than 128 characters could not be added to the expand/collapse block
  • Updated references to United College's colour to "blue"
  • Updated the "how to" link on the dashboard to point to WCMS 3 documentation
  • Added more automated tests
  • Updated many contrib modules
  • Updated Drupal Core

Theming changes

  • Switched theming from Gesso to Ohana
  • Adjusted listing page filters to be collapsed by default, with thinner borders, no padding between groups, and a new button style
  • Adjusted buttons (including expand/collapse headings) to no longer force uppercase
  • Adjusted standard buttons to be white with black text and outline
  • Adjusted highlight/primary buttons to be black with white text (for when multiple buttons are presented together but one is the preferred/default option)
  • Adjusted teasers to have thinner borders, less shadow on hover, and to display taxonomy tags in a lighter font that is not forced to uppercase
  • Allowed nested list styles to override the parent list styles
  • Fixed the display of the listing page for the Projects content type
  • Updated United College's colour to be blue