WCMS 3.2.10 release

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Release notes


  • added Waterloo Photos as a source for icons and images added through "manage all media" in the dashboard
  • added preliminary Kuali integration for approved users/sites


  • updated all users set to the Abidjan time zone to be in the Toronto time zone (any users that intentionally set this time zone will have to set it back)
  • improved detection and prevention of users setting manual node aliases to reserved paths
  • added the content moderation block that was missing from the sidebar content type
  • fixed publication reference listings that were causing site errors instead of displaying
  • ensured publication reference titles are links and not visible HTML
  • fixed webform element previews so they can be disabled after enabling them
  • removed the background-related options from sections in the expand/collapse group content type
  • added a 25Mb filesize limit to icons and images
  • updated and added to automated tests
  • updated multiple contrib modules

Theming changes

  • updated the design of the global footer
  • ensured most images will serve a properly scaled version of the image when the original image is larger than needed
  • adjusted the contacts listing page so that contacts without additional information are not expandable
  • fixed centering of multi-line headers in browsers where the centering was not properly using the available space
  • fixed an issue where event titles on content with hero images might not have had the full white background connecting to the iCal link in Firefox/Safari
  • undid the unintentional addition of iCal links to event listing blocks (they remain available on the event page)
  • corrected the capitalization of WatSAFE in the global footer
  • tweaked the text or the territorial acknowledgement
  • fixed an accessibilty issue with the Social Intents embed
  • fixed an accessibility issue with SVG images in the theme